Vulpine Developer update #07


Hey, there! Welcome to the 7th Development Update for Vulpine! Here’s a look at what we’ve been doing:

We added animated voxel effects. These allow us to add to, subtract from and generally deform terrain in real time. We’re looking to use these for monster attack animations, allowing them to morph the terrain during battle. Monsters will only be able to affect the topmost layers of the terrain, to avoid massive amounts of destruction. We’re very excited to implement this as a way to make battles much more intense and dynamic. Tests using our Spider monster are very promising!

As well as terrain deformation, we’ve been testing gliding with one of our monsters. This enemy will also have the ability to toss wind currents at the player, knocking them back for a short while.

Finally, our cat shopkeep is now represented in-game! Players will be visiting him often for the chance to score rare items. An updated version of his shopfront can be seen in this tweet! 

We’re gearing up for our kickstarter, so there are some thing we don’t want to show quite yet. We’ll be happy to share them with you soon!

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