Playable Animals

And More!


Join the pack, and hunt with your friends

Play multiplayer with your friends! You can join or host a server and create a pack with other players. Players in packs can join up together for pack hunts and take down larger, more threatening beasts.

Defend your territory with an arsenal of weaponry

Forget fangs, why not use a sword? Arm yourself with various craftable weapons and items to dominate the land around you. Wield armaments such as Greatswords, axes, and spears in ridiculous fashion to dispose of foes.

Survive as one of many different types of wildlife

Not just foxes! Choose to play from a selection of carnivores and herbivores, each with their own means of survival. Unlock a variety of animals by performing hunts on bigger and badder beasts, or by hunting packs of smaller animals. Creatures all have their own weakness and strengths that make every playthrough different.